Improve Your Child’s Reading Potential with Word Wheel: Short Vowels

Word Wheel Short Vowels

App: Word Wheel: Short Vowels

Developer: Teknos Interactive LLC

Platform: iPad and iPhone

Price: $2.99 Word Wheel: Short Vowels – Teknos Interactive LLC

Category: Language Arts – Reading Apps


Understanding Short Vowels Using Pictures

Youngsters learning to read appreciate pictures associated with words. Most likely, they don’t quite understand the letters mean different things, such as vowels versus consonants.

That’s where Teknos Interactive LLC can help with its new app, Word Wheel: Short Vowels. This app teaches kids short vowels with the help of audio, visuals, and positive reinforcement.

Features like these make the app a fun and engaging educational game that will help kids improve their reading!


Word Wheel Short Vowels

Choose Your Learning Method

Kids can choose “Pick a Vowel” to hear words with that specific vowel used.  They can also choose “View All Words” to see all words included.  Lastly, “Quiz Mode” allows kids to quiz themselves on what they’ve learned.

Once inside “Pick a Vowel” mode, kids can choose which short vowel they want to learn about.  All they need to do is to just tap a letter to see a list of words with pictures.

Because autistic children are visual learners, they will love the pictures that go along with each word.


Short Vowels iPad App


Once you tap a vowel, like “a,” the next screen shows the vowel with a picture.

For example, below you will see an image of a cat and the word “cat” under it. Children can scroll up and down to change the words.



In the “View all Words” mode, you can see all vowels and mix and match letters to create new words.




Quiz Mode

Once you’ve practiced enough, you can quiz yourself with “Quiz Mode.”

This activity lets kids scroll through the letters to the left to choose which word matches the picture.

Show your child how to tap the “Check Answer” box to see if they got the question right.



When a child chooses the correct answer they will get a positive reinforcer.

Here’s an example of a “You got it right” reward.




Kids are going to love interacting with Word Wheel to learn vowel sounds.

And, if they love using the app – their learning curve will progress quickly!  This means that they will be reading in no time at all.

Want to Get This App?

Download Word Wheel: Short Vowels – from iTunes

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