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Write Your Own Book!

Kids need to learn how to write, but writing isn’t always a kid’s favorite activity.  When you’re a child who is struggling with reading and writing, the best thing for you is a little bit of fun!

With WriteReader’s new app, Write to Read app for iPhone, kids can write their own books!  Kids just need the app and a little bit of parental supervision.  Plus, who knows?  This brilliant program just might help your child learn to read and write while making them a book author!


write to read app for  iphone

The Concept of Write to Read App

The Write to Read app for iPhone is wonderful in that it takes a unique approach to teaching kids how to read and write.  Instead of going with the old-school method of “make kids trace words until they are geniuses,” WriteReader understands that this is a frustrating and unrealistic way to go about things.

Instead, the developers invented the idea of using parents as teachers!  Basically, kids write a sentence of their own design (which is much better from a learning perspective than simply copying sentences), and parents re-write the sentences that their children put together.

An example: if I were a small child, and I were writing bout a picture of a lollipop, I might write something like this:

“I lik tha loleepop”

My parent, in the section below where I attempted to write my sentence, would (hopefully) write the following:

“I like the lollipop!”


write to read iphone 2


By doing this, kids can see how words are supposed to be spelled and will be more engaged with what they are writing!

When kids save their very own book, both versions will be displayed.  This gives kids a chance to easily compare what they wrote to the grammatically-correct sentence.


write to read app iphone


Creating Your Own Books

When you first start up the app, you will have a few options to choose from: Library, About, Advice, Instructions, and Create Book.

Library is where all of your previously created books are stored.  It also contains a couple of pre-made books so that you can look at examples.

About is where the developer talks a little bit about the development and purpose of the app.

Advice provides you with a few tips that will help you to make the most of your app.

Instructions is a very important section, since it contains a video that will walk you through how you can create your own books!

To create your very own books, just follow these steps:

From the Home Page, tap the “Create Book” button.  Next, tap on the big picture frame that shows up in the middle of your screen.  From here, you will be able to select an image from your iPhone or iPad to upload into your book.  (Note that this first page will be the cover page for your book.)  You can then move and size the selected image by dragging and pinching with two fingers, respectively.

Once you have your cover image chosen and sized, just type in your book and author names in the two sections below the picture!

And, finally, hit “Add Page” on the right side of the screen in order to create a new page in your book.  Then, follow the same steps with inserting an image.

For the book pages, your child will write a sentence about the uploaded image, and then an adult will correctly write the sentence in the section below.  If you would like, you can also add though bubbles and captions into your story!


write to read iphone

Learn To Read and Write The Fun Way!

Overall, this is an awesome app that will give kids a sense of accomplishment and help them learn to read and write.  The app is also fun for adults, since it gets them involved in the action!

I would definitely recommend trying this app.  And, just a clarification: this app is optimized for iPhone, but it will work on both iPhone and iPad.  So, if you don’t have an iPhone or iTouch, don’t be dismayed!  You can still have a great time with this one!


Watch Jack’s Write to Read Video Review


Want to Get the Write to Read App?

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