Educational Games: Preschool Funbox – My First Certificate

educational games Preschool Funbox My First Certificate

App: Preschool Funbox – My First Certificate

Developer: Jan Friml

Platform: iPad

Price: $.99 (for a limited time only) Download Preschool Funbox: My First Certificate

Category: Education Apps (Educational Games and Puzzles)

Languages:  English, French, German, Russian, Dutch, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian

A Virtual Box of Fun!

Learning is so much fun when you’re playing games! Preschool Funbox – My First Certificate is an app created by Jan Friml for children ages 3-6. It’s packed full of educational games like memory building, counting, putting puzzles together, tracing, mazes, and so much more. The interactive spinning wheel interface is sure to keep kids interested as they earn rewards on the way to their official, personalized First Certificate!


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Choose a Level

Kids can choose from three different levels of difficulty. Once they master the first level, they can move through the next three more difficult games.

This difficulty progression is good for building motivation and interest in learning at a very young age! For example, in the listening game, the first level asks a child to identify only one sound while the third level asks a child to identify three different sounds on one screen.

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Pick from 10 Educational Games

There are so many games to choose from! I love how kids can choose anything from counting to creating mazes, to matching sounds with pictures. A sure bet to keep kids interested and on track!

Game Types

Visual Learning

Autistic children love to learn visually. Pictures make it easier for them to associate words.

This app is packed full of visuals and auditory games. The easy-to-use interface makes it simple enough for younger kids to learn the drag-and-drop games, and the older kids will enjoy the more difficult mazes!



Rewards for All

Once kids master a level, they get their very own certificate with a personalized picture included! Kids will love to see themselves in pictures.  These colorful certificates reinforce the fact that they have done such a great job!


Keeping Stats and Settings

Parents will appreciate the Statistics & Settings page. This feature allows them to track their children’s progress and also switch up the levels.

For example, if a child has not shown interest in tracing letters yet, parents can switch that feature off for the spinning wheel until their child is ready. The ability to customize the app to each child at their own level of comfort is a huge bonus!



Kids will love the variety of activities this app has to offer! They’ll play games, trace letters, and keep that wheel spinning to continue learning.  And that cool personalized certificate makes the entire experience even better!

Want to Get This App?

Download Preschool Funbox: My First Certificate

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