Language Skill Builder: Special Needs ABA App

language skill builder app for iPad

App: Language Skill Builder

Developer: Pawel Maczewski

Platform: iPad, iPhone

Price: $4.99 Language Skill Builder – Special Needs ABA Training

Category: Language Skills App, Educational App


Language Skill Builder

Language is a skill that must be developed as a child grows from the newborn stage through the teenage years.

Children on the autism spectrum find it challenging to develop language skills and must work a little harder than the average Joe.

The Language Skill Builder app was developed by parents of an autistic child, along with therapists, to help their son improve his language and communication skills. This app is full of kid-friendly graphics and covers every language development skill from receptive language to fact vs. opinion, to same vs. different.

There’s something for everyone!


Crisp, Clean Graphics

As you can see by these images, Language Skill Builder is full of brightly colored graphics.

For instance, in the Receptive Food section, a child is asked to find a specific food. Once they tap the correct image, they receive a positive reinforcement. Because the graphics are colorful and bright, kids find it easier to associate the picture to the word.




Little vs. Big

In one of the modules, kids are also asked to find “little” versus “big.” They are given pictures to choose from, which helps them associate the words “little”  and “big” with the correct image.


Lots of Opportunity for Practice

Each section allows children to practice specific language skills.

For example, a child struggling with opposites can practice this skill in the Same vs Different section.

A child working on receptive language can work in either the Receptive Food or Receptive Animals section.

And, a user challenged with factual versus opinionated content can practice in the Fact versus Opinion section.

Language Skill Builder App for iPad


Keep Stats

Parents, Teachers, and Therapists will be happy to know they can track their child’s progress in the Statistics section. They can view Quizes Taken, Incorrect Answers, Accuracy Histogram, and Accuracy Graph.

Language Skill Builder App for iPad Statistics Tracking

If your child needs to practice language building, they’ll have plenty of choices because this app is packed full of so many options. Children will truly enjoy mastering their language skills!


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Download This App:

Language Skill Builder – Special Needs ABA Training


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