Choiceworks Calendar: Visual Schedule for Kids

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App: Choiceworks Calendar

Developer: Bee Visual LLC

Platform: iPad

Price: $4.99  Download Choiceworks Calendar – Bee Visual, LLC

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On Schedule

Schedules, lists, and calendars keep us on track! My two boys thrive on knowing what’s happening next, and so do I!  Now that they’re avid readers, we tend to use more written lists. But, picture schedules and lists have helped us over the years keep up with our busy schedules.  They have even helped my son prepare himself for his schedule at school.

Choiceworks Calendar, is a wonderfully intuitive app created by Bee Visual LLC, that lets students set up individualized visual schedules to help them keep track of their busy lives!


Visual Schedule for Kids



Getting Started with Choiceworks Calendar

Parents and teachers will love the first screen of this app because it identifies each feature of the app. I suggest reviewing this screen before using the app, because it is very helpful.


visual schedule for kids Choiceworks Calendar

Build Your Day – Great for Kids with Autism

Kids who are autistic or have other challenges, love visuals.  Because most are speech delayed and have communication challenges, picture schedules can ease their anxiety and help them through their days.

With Choiceworks Calendar, teachers or parents can create multiple calendars for multiple kids. Users can also choose from 275 pre-installed images for tasks like school, holidays, and doctor’s appointment, or add their own.


visual schedule for kids Choiceworks Calendar



Kids can count down days until an important day, like a birthday, too. They’ll love this because it tackles two skills with one action – learning an important date and counting!


visual schedule for kids Choiceworks Calendar

Visual Schedule: View by Day, Week, or Month

Children can view the day, week, month, or today’s schedule. This is very helpful when planning ahead with kids and preparing them for what’s next.


visual schedule for kids Choiceworks Calendar

Check It Off!

Once a task is complete, the child can see it move into the “Done” column with a big, green check mark next to it.

Talk about incentive!

When they see undesirable tasks (like doctor’s or dentist appointments) as complete, they’ll figure out it’s not so difficult and learn to move on to the next task. Transitions are challenging for autistic children, and with visuals, they’ll be more at ease and be prepared for what’s coming next.


visual schedule for kids Choiceworks Calendar

Positive Reinforcement, Audio Features and More

This visual schedule app is packed full of helpful tools for kids. It provides bright images and positive reinforcement, which make sticking to schedules fun.

I love that the calendar can also be read aloud to a child. If a child has a visual impairment, they can listen to the week or day’s tasks.

The app automatically adds holidays, and the calendar can be printed so parents can place it in a child’s room, class, or even in the car! I know my son will love using this app and planning his own calendar!


Watch Jack’s Video Review: Choiceworks Calendar


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Choiceworks Calendar – Bee Visual, LLC


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