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App: Your StoryTime

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It’s StoryTime!

Have you ever been away from  your children and wished you could at least end their day by sharing a story with them?

Appy Ventures has created Your StoryTime, an app for children ages 5+, that lets parents record stories and share them with their children across the miles!

Children, and especially those with autism and other challenges, will love hearing mom or dad read them a book and enjoy the bright images each book includes.



Keep Calm and Tell a Story

Autistic children like familiarity. They thrive on being close to those who care for them throughout the day and also on set schedules and routines. When a parent or another caregiver is not present to physically read them a story at nap time, bedtime, or another specific time, this app is a perfect way to keep the transition as normal as possible, even when that special person is traveling.



Simple and Quick

The app is so simple and the interface makes it quick to record, personalize, and share a story with your kiddos. While traveling, time is valuable. Recording a story is a snap with this app because it includes scripted text to match each picture, and you can use or modify everything to meet your preferences.

Don’t have time to record the story before you leave home?  No problem.  Using the iPhone Companion app, you can record your voice and video on the iPhone and it will sync to the iPad.




Record text to match three specific areas of the story.




Parents, grandparents, or family members can even personalize each story using their iPhone with a verbal introduction.




They can then sync it up with their iPad to include it with each story! For example the storyteller can record something like, “Guess who this is kids? Are you ready to hear a bedtime story?”



Personalize the Story Even More!

To take it a step further with personalization, you can record a video for your kids at the beginning and end of each story to watch. This feature is great because they see you, as well as hear you! Autistic kids and all kids always enjoy seeing their loved ones in pictures!

Don’t forget to let grandparents and other relatives get in on the fun, too!  By recording their voice and a video of themselves, they can also be included in your child’s special story time.




Watch Jack’s Video Review of “Your Storytime”



Download “Your Storytime”

Download Your Storytime iPad App

Download Your Storytime: Companion App for iPhone – $2.99


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