Discovering Emotions with Zeely: Kids With Autism Learn About Emotions

discovering emotions with zeely app

App: Discovering Emotions with Zeely

Developer: Virtual EyeSee

Platform: iPad

Price: $19.99

Available on iTunes – Discovering Emotions with Zeely

Category: Behavioral Apps

Getting Emotional

Have you ever told a joke and NO ONE laughed? That might be similar to how children with special needs, especially autism, feel when they just don’t “get” emotions and the appropriate times to express them.

Virtual EyeSee joined forces with speech pathologists and child psychologists to create the app Discovering Emotions with Zeely for children who find emotions challenging.

The app’s main character, Zeely, is a friendly and fun guy who uses games to help children learn about emotions. Along with the ease of use and bright graphics, children will learn how to recognize different emotions in no time!


discovering emotions autism app


Practice Makes Perfect

The interface is so easy, children can start on their own by tapping one of the images on the first page. This takes them to a familiar scene where they’ll learn about emotions, including happy, sad, proud, and disgusted.  The app uses images to begin teaching kids how to recognize various emotions.

Emotions are first introduced with facial expressions, explaining how a face looks when it is a certain emotion.

Next, children get to use virtual stickers to match parts of a face with the picture by dragging the sticker to the appropriate place on each face.

Repetitive practice  helps children see the difference in each emotion and start to recognize them.


discovering emotions


Autistic children are visual learners. This app is full of real facial expressions which will really help these kids recognize emotions among peers, teachers, family, and friends.

The audio is also engaging and will keep kids interested and motivated.

Game On

Discovering Emotions with Zeely includes a fun game where kids can practice their fine motor skills, too.




For the Parents

Parents, teachers, and therapists can track children’s progress. There are different levels of progression so as children get better, they’ll progress to a more challenging mode.




Parents can also track their child’s progress to see where they might need improvement. The settings even include an OpenDyslexic font to assist children with dyslexia.




Discovering Emotions with Zeely’s simple and easy interface will make it a breeze for kids to learn about different emotions and where they might see them. The visuals and audio are sure to keep children engaged and interested in continuing to learn about emotions and start recognizing them in their own environments!


Want to Get This App?

Available on iTunes – Discovering Emotions with Zeely


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