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Bass For Autism Vol. 2: Supporting Autism Research Through The Power of Music

Bass for Autism Vol. 2

Exciting news! On August 15, 2014, Bass for Autism released Volume 2, a 49-track music compilation featuring some of the biggest names in electronic music. Artists like Savant, DotEXE, Xilent, and Rameses B have contributed new, original songs to support the Organization for Autism Research (OAR), a national non-profit organization formed and...

Bass for Autism Digital Music Festival Raises $2,800 for Autism Research

bass for autism vol. 1 Compilation

Bass for Autism Founder and Executive Producer Jack Kieffer - in partnership with edmDistrict, The EDM Network, and Mixify - is pleased to announce the success of the global Bass for Autism (BFA) online music festival, which raised over $2,800 for autism research.On February 5th and 6th, 2014, hundreds of music fans attended the...

Autism Plugged In: Bass for Autism Fundraiser!

bass for autism festival

Autism Plugged In, founded by teen entrepreneur and philanthropist Jack Kieffer, is teaming up with edmDistrict, Mixify, The EDM Network, and more than 25 popular EDM artists to hold a global online music fest.  The event will raise donations for the Organization for Autism Research (OAR), a national non-profit organization whose mission is to...

7 Easy Steps to Finding the Best Special Needs Apps

Find Special Needs Apps

It's Here! We recently launched a brand new Autism Plugged In eBook (Kindle or pdf versions) - something that we've been working on for quite a while - 7 Easy Steps to Finding the Best Special Needs Apps.This eBook is all about helping you separate the good from the bad, the pricey from...

Autism Plugged In’s Organization for Autism Research 5K is a Success!

OAR 5K Jack & Kevin

Today, April 28th, 2013, I participated in the OAR 5K Satellite event, and I'm happy to say that it was a great success!After a long series of fundraising efforts, including contacting app developers, Autism Plugged In readers, Facebook fans, friends, family, and local businesses, we raised an astounding amount of money.Our total:$17,358

Please Donate Today: Give Teens Desperately Needed Education and Job Training

API Generosity

Only 1 day left until I lace up my sneakers and participate in a 5K event sponsored by the Organization for Autism Research, and I need your support! On April 28th, I’m lacing up my sneakers and participating in a 5K event sponsored by the Organization for Autism Research, and I need your support!...

Autism Plugged In’s Fundraising Efforts Update

autism plugged in fundraising

Hello, loyal readers of Autism Plugged In! I thought I would just take a minute to update you all on the fundraising efforts of API. We just donated another $280.37 recently, raising the total that we've donated to autism research to $1,943.37!

Autism’s Diagnosis on the Heart

sympathy and empathy

My degree in psychology allows me to understand what the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders means, yet I still lacked true understanding. I was what you could call a sympathizer wishing for empathy because empathy leads to the complete understanding of any behavior. I did not know the burden I asked for,...

Proloquo2Go iPad Demo – Click Below to Watch!

Proloquo2Go iPad Demo – Watch It Now!

Who’s Behind Autism Plugged In?

Who’s Behind Autism Plugged In?

My name is Jack Kieffer and I'm a blogger sharing my love of technology at blogs like Cool Gizmo Toys, Greenamajigger, and here at Autism Plugged In where I'm trying to make a difference in the lives of children with autism.

Several years ago, I began volunteering with special needs kids, who gave me much joy and an appreciation for life. This blog is my way of giving back. Any proceeds from this effort are used to support my friends with autism. Read more about Jack or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.