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The Lonely Beast ABC App Review

lonely beast

The Lonely Beast ABC app is an cute alphabet adventure based on the beloved children's book, The Lonely Beast. Beautiful hand-drawn pictures will help your kids learn the alphabet and new words. This iPad and iPhone app is highly interactive with playable instruments, dancing robots, spinning bow ties, and laughing monkeys.

Building Sentences Using Visual Cues: Rainbow Sentences for iPad

300x300 rainbow sentences

Building sentences is an important part of a child's learning experience and can be fun, given the right tools.Rainbow Sentences, created by Mobile Education Store LLC, is an award-winning educational app that uses color-coded visual cues, audio, vibrant illustrations, and an interactive interface to help children create grammatically correct sentences.Autistic learners, in particular,...

Learn to Read by Writing: Write to Read App

WriteReader App

Write to Read is a book-making app with an educated twist. Children aged three and up are encouraged to write at their own developmental level. An adult helper “translates” the child’s efforts into a proper sentence which is compared to the child’s efforts. There is no wrong answer here; the child will learn to...

Write-On Handwriting is a Powerful Letter and Number Printing App

write-on handwriting icon

How do you build a handwriting / printing app that is sure to please special needs learners and their parents? Consider their learning styles!We all know that most autistic children are sensory seekers and learners.Write-On Handwriting LLC has created "Write-On Handwriting" to help children learn and practice number and letter patterns through multi-sensory...

Dr. Seuss: The Butter Battle Book App


Have I told you how much I adore the Dr. Seuss read-to-me book apps by Oceanhouse Media, Inc.? My son reads with them and listens to them constantly!The Butter Battle Book app is a story about Yooks and Zooks, and their constant fight over how they spread butter on bread. The images, audio, voice...

The Tree I See Animated Storybook App Helps Kids Understand Emotions

the tree i see ipad app

The Tree I See iPad app is based on a storybook created by Aridan Books. Their beautifully illustrated book about a boy who learns about friendship has been transformed into an interactive book with the help of Ayars Animation.Parents who want to teach their children how to understand emotions of others will appreciate...

Dr. Seuss Short Stories Collection: Seuss Characters Come Alive!

Dr. Seuss Short Story Collection App

Oceanhouse Media, Inc. has brought a classic to life with their Dr. Seuss Short Stories app.Why is this a great storybook app? It's colorful, the graphics are lovely, and kids will love reading with it ... just like the quote says! With 8 Dr. Seuss stories to choose from, animated graphics, and the coolness...

Autism Language Learning: Video Speech Therapy App

autism language learning app

The Autism Learning Language iPad App Series focuses on improving language and verbal skills in kids with autism, down syndrome, apraxia, and more. This is a really great series of apps that has received a lot of positive feedback. They're effective apps that really help your child work on and build their communication...

Proloquo2Go iPad Demo – Click Below to Watch!

Proloquo2Go iPad Demo – Watch It Now!

Who’s Behind Autism Plugged In?

Who’s Behind Autism Plugged In?

My name is Jack Kieffer and I'm a blogger sharing my love of technology at blogs like Cool Gizmo Toys, Greenamajigger, and here at Autism Plugged In where I'm trying to make a difference in the lives of children with autism.

Several years ago, I began volunteering with special needs kids, who gave me much joy and an appreciation for life. This blog is my way of giving back. Any proceeds from this effort are used to support my friends with autism. Read more about Jack or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.