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Dexteria Jr. Fine Motor Skills App for Preschool and Toddlers

preschool fine motor skills app

Inspired by the successful therapeutic app Dexteria, Binary Labs has created a new fine motor skills app for youngsters to help them build handwriting readiness and have fun at the same time.Binary Labs took feedback from occupational therapists and geared Dexteria Jr. specifically for the preschooler and toddler age group (ages 2 - 5).This...

Speech Therapy Apps by Virtual Speech Center

speech therapy apps

Autism Plugged In is Featuring Virtual Speech Center, an app developer that creates innovative speech therapy mobile apps for iPad and iPhone devices. Virtual Speech Center apps teach and foster skills in the area of speech development and language therapy. Some of their apps are even free to speech pathologists!Multiple Meanings Library...

Larry Lizard and Friends Star in Enchanting Storybook Apps

Ten Giggly Gorillas App

Early readers are invited to play an active role in the story and are rewarded with rich interactivity - when they ‘poke’ Lazy Larry on the screen, he wakes up and comes to life.But as surprising and delightful as this is for the reader, it’s not so much fun for poor Larry and the...

Practice Spelling with Talking Word Wizard Spelling App

word wizard icon

Learning the alphabet can be loads of fun with the new Word Wizard text-to-speech app! L'Escapadou has created a spelling app that lets kids hear the alphabet while they move and build words. It's a colorful, customizable app that kids will love to use and includes spelling quizzes kids can practice with.

Easter With Bunny, Rabbit and Me: Language App

easter app giveaway

Hey, friends! We've got another great app giveaway going on, and in this one we're giving you the chance to win one of 25 "Easter With Bunny, Rabbit and Me" promo codes!Kids will love this cute Easter app that teaches vocabulary, language-based concepts, and social communication skills. App creator, Lorrie Ann...

Autism Language Learning: Actions Review

autism learning language icon

Most children with autism find language and communication to be challenging. TalkTime Pediatric Speech Academy has created Autism Language Learning, an educational app to help enhance and grow children's language using real-life video scenarios.Created by a speech-language pathologist, the app includes 35 different verb videos and videos for singular, plural, and mixed pronouns...

Customizable Keyboard: Abilipad Is A Great Writing Tool

customizable keyboard app Abilipad

Little authors ready to write can use Abilipad to create stories, write letters, create sentences, or practice spelling words.Abilipad users can create customized keyboards that include pictures and a text-to-speech option. These customizable keyboards give you the ability to create audio recordings and to share keyboards with other users.

GIVEAWAY: Learn Pre-Writing Skills with Ready to Print

ready to print

Many great autism apps available on the iTunes store make it their goals to teach kids how to write. That's wonderful, but it's often difficult for students to jump in and start making letters and words immediately.Ready To Print takes a different approach, focusing on all kinds of fine motor skills as well...

Proloquo2Go iPad Demo – Click Below to Watch!

Proloquo2Go iPad Demo – Watch It Now!

Who’s Behind Autism Plugged In?

Who’s Behind Autism Plugged In?

My name is Jack Kieffer and I'm a blogger sharing my love of technology at blogs like Cool Gizmo Toys, Greenamajigger, and here at Autism Plugged In where I'm trying to make a difference in the lives of children with autism.

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