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Choiceworks Calendar: Visual Schedule for Kids


Schedules, lists, and calendars keep us on track! My two boys thrive on knowing what's happening next, and so do I! Now that they're avid readers, we use even more written lists. But, picture schedules and lists have helped us over the years keep up with our busy schedules. They even help...

GIVEAWAY – Cursive Writing App: Conquering Cursive Letters and Numbers

special needs writing app

Write On Handwriting apps never disappoint! (You can check out our review of their Printing app as well.)The Write On Handwriting: Conquering Cursive Letters and Numbers app is, like all of this developer's apps, well-built and well-thought out.Everything within the app is designed to be conducive to learning, but it is...

Sentence Building App: Clicker Sentences

autism clicker sentences

Clicker Sentences is a word-based sentence building tool for ages 3 to adult. App developer Crick Software was founded by educators and works to serve educators. They have been creating award-winning educational software for over twenty years and ventured into the app market in spring of 2013. Clicker Sentences is designed to...

Toca Tailor App Review: Make Outfits, Have Fun!

toca tailor

Know any curious kiddos who want to learn how to be doctors, how to cook, how to clean houses, how to cut hair, or even how to sew dresses? Toca Boca can help! With their amazing apps, Toca Hair, Toca Kitchen, Toca House, Toca Doctor, and Toca Tailor, they make learning life skills...

Learning Numbers is Super Fun with Splish Splash Inn

splish splash inn education app

Summer is a time for swimming, splashing, and sand! How appropriate is it that Shortstack's education app, Splish Splash Inn, is ready to help make summer fun!Splish Splash Inn is an app for preschoolers who want to get a jump on counting and learning numbers. It helps teach younger children their numbers and how...

Autism Tracker Pro Helps Monitor Behavior

autism tracker pro

Sometimes we have challenging days with our autistic children, whether it's melting down, running away, fixating on something, choosing not to eat, or refusing to move on to the next activity. Track & Share Apps has created a great educational app, Autism Tracker, that helps parents, teachers, and therapists monitor behavior, mood, diet, and...

The Social Express: Social Story Application You’ve Been Dreaming About

social story autism app

The Social Express has in-depth, beautiful animations which take users through countless different social situations, showing them the proper responses and allowing them to test their social knowledge by helping the characters make good choices! It's really an engaging autism app, and kids with autism will not only receive great benefits from the...

RadSounds: Musical Cause and Effect App


The idea of RadSounds is to take music on an individual's iPad, which is usually accessed via the iPod section of the device, and make it easy to access. The app creates an easier interface and is compatible with the RJ Switch, a switch (or button) that can be plugged into an iPad...

Proloquo2Go iPad Demo – Click Below to Watch!

Proloquo2Go iPad Demo – Watch It Now!

Who’s Behind Autism Plugged In?

Who’s Behind Autism Plugged In?

My name is Jack Kieffer and I'm a blogger sharing my love of technology at blogs like Cool Gizmo Toys, Greenamajigger, and here at Autism Plugged In where I'm trying to make a difference in the lives of children with autism.

Several years ago, I began volunteering with special needs kids, who gave me much joy and an appreciation for life. This blog is my way of giving back. Any proceeds from this effort are used to support my friends with autism. Read more about Jack or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.