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Association Puzzles App for iPad: Match Shapes, Colors, and Patterns

association puzzles icon

Preschoolers love shapes, colors, and puzzles. With that in mind, PopAppFactory created "Association Puzzles" app for children aged 1-4. This iPad app gives kids a chance to practice shapes, colors, and beginning problem-solving skills.The app includes 50, 2-piece puzzles and uses visuals and Retina graphics which make it engaging and interesting for kids.Autistic...

Learning Apps: Little Learning Tots Develops Fun Educational Apps

Learning Apps by Little Learning Tots

Little Learning Tots aims to provide quality learning apps and materials for children and their parents. The Little Learning Tots team believes that learning should be an enjoyable privilege and not a chore. Little Tots hopes to bring children back into the love of inquisitive learning. It is Little Tots’ mission to provide materials...

GIVEAWAY: Learn Pre-Writing Skills with Ready to Print

ready to print

Many great autism apps available on the iTunes store make it their goals to teach kids how to write. That's wonderful, but it's often difficult for students to jump in and start making letters and words immediately.Ready To Print takes a different approach, focusing on all kinds of fine motor skills as well...

Visual Learning: Reading Rocks Interactive iBook Review

Reading Rocks eBook

If you are looking for a reading program for visual learners, Reading Rocks is a sure hit! Reading Rocks is an interactive iBook developed for children who are beginning readers and who have strong visual learning skills. Reading Rocks is an iBook that runs on the Apple iBook app. So, if you do...

Autism App for iPad: Go Go Games

autism app go go games

Go Go Games is an autism app for iPad that effectively assists kids in building perceptual skills by helping them notice features in the objects around them. This app consists of three engaging games that encourage kids to look at an object, pick out several important features about that object, and then match...

Developmental Skills Apps: Dexteria Family Of Therapeutic Tools

developmental fine motor skills app

The Dexteria family, developed by BinaryLabs, Inc., includes a variety of developmental skills apps. These apps are designed to help special needs students excel in acquiring complex skills, such as fine motor dexterity and spatial reasoning abilities. These iOS apps can be used in diverse settings: schools, therapeutic centers, and...

Interactive Children’s Book: Boats by Oceanhouse Media

Boats Oceanhouse Media

If your autistic child is fascinated with boats or transportation, this is the app for them! Sometimes our special kids like to learn everything they can about one particular subject. If this is your child, and his subject is transportation, use "Boats" to help him learn to read!

Fireworks123 App Teaches Cause and Effect

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This educational app from Visuals Work teaches young children cause and effect using fireworks and the concepts of numbers 1-3, big or small, and the colors red, green, or blue.

Proloquo2Go iPad Demo – Click Below to Watch!

Proloquo2Go iPad Demo – Watch It Now!

Who’s Behind Autism Plugged In?

Who’s Behind Autism Plugged In?

My name is Jack Kieffer and I'm a blogger sharing my love of technology at blogs like Cool Gizmo Toys, Greenamajigger, and here at Autism Plugged In where I'm trying to make a difference in the lives of children with autism.

Several years ago, I began volunteering with special needs kids, who gave me much joy and an appreciation for life. This blog is my way of giving back. Any proceeds from this effort are used to support my friends with autism. Read more about Jack or connect with him on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.